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Here at Scrap Metal Sydney, we pride ourselves on providing a reliable service to all Sydney residents. We offer competitive prices for all your BULK metal scraps! So whether you have vehicle scraps, large quantities of household scraps, computer parts, kilos and kilos of wires etc, call us and we’re there to take that scrap away from you for free. Call us to see how much money you can save / get for your scrap.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that is very true when it comes to making money with scrap metal. By heavy scrap metal recycling, the economic benefits extend beyond the initial saving on future purchasing. It also adds substantial resale value, which in turn can be passed on by trading your scrap, and provides an unlikely asset to bolster the balance sheet. Scrap recycling is an environmentally friendly way of obtaining the scrap you require, which can be tremendously beneficial in terms of promoting a positive image to your clients. It is easy to see, given these major benefits, why recycling scrap metal is becoming more fashionable, and indeed more profitable. We’re sure you’ve heard about the many industries that have been turning their used products into great monetary gains. Plumbers, electricians have all turned to recycling their unused cables for extra money.

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