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Sell your Scrap Car to QLD Car Removal in Brisbane. We are leading Cash for Car experts offering attractive cash up to $9999 with free removals and wrecking. Call 07 3172 2366. When a car has been badly damaged in an auto collision, selling the car to a third party can leave a car owner with concerns that the buyer may come back with a conflict. Selling an accident condition car is concerning, and it is essential that the seller discloses all the information of the car so that the buyer does not have unpleasant surprises after the completion of the sale transaction. QLD Car Removal eliminates all those concerns when selling an accident condition car. We are an accident car buyer in Brisbane that knows what we are buying when we buy it and provide all legal paperwork for a clean and secure sale.

Selling Your Accident Car

Years ago, selling your accident condition car would typically mean that you load up the car, or pay hundreds of dollars to have it towed to your local wrecking company. If you didn’t previously contact the company you may get there and find that they don’t accept your make and model of car; or, you may find that they will only pay you $50 or so for a few working parts under the hood. The scenario can get even worse with the car sitting on an open plot for years, contaminating the environment with hazardous toxins while the wreckers wait for someone to need those few good parts before they pull them from its engine. Today, that scene has completely changed.

Why Choose Brisbane Car Removal as Your Accident Car Buyer

With QLD Car Removal, we are accident car buyers who are also wreckers and recyclers. We pull parts for resale, and we don’t let the cars sit on an open plot. Once the car is dismantled and good parts from the engines of the cars pulled, we recycle the cars, so we are an eco-friendly choice in a wrecker. We are also a choice that pays top cash. When selling your car to QLD Car Removal, we also provide our customers with free car removals in the local area. Our car collections are quick and complete as we provide all the necessary paperwork and a cash payment for the car at the time of its removal. When you sell your car to QLD Car Removal, you have a buyer you can trust. Get A Quote To obtain a quote for your accident condition car, contact us at the number below, or visit our homepage for an online quote. Get top Cash for your Scrap Cars by calling QLD Car Removal at 07 3172 2366.

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