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Perth – one of Perth’s leading used car and scrap car removal company. Our service is available at times convenient to you and we will happily collect your vehicle from anywhere in Perth, Mandura, Rockingham, Margaret River and  Busselton or anywhere in WA. If your car is damaged, accident, old, unwanted or looking to sell your car then Premier car removals can pay top cash for cars. By selling your car to us, you could have payment in your hand on the sport; in fact, we’ve even managed to go from quote to collection in less than 4 hours! Whether your car is a mini or a Rolls Royce…if you want to sell or scrap your car today, call us at Premier Car Removal and we’ll be there to help!

How to Tell Your Car is Scrap in Perth

Most people who desire to sell their Cars for Cash in Perth are sometimes confused on whether their cars are really scrap and warrant disposing off through the 'Cars for Cash Companies'. It is vital to know exactly if your car is indeed scrap and here are some of the guiding factors you should consider to make this determination:

Frequent journeys to the mechanic

One of the indications to tell you that your car has become scrap is when you have to make multiple visits to the mechanic within a short period. If you find that you have need to go visit your mechanic a couple of times every week, then the car’s convenience is highly doubtable. Additionally, at this point, it will be consuming a lot of your money on repairs and maybe the best thing would be to sell it off.

When the car needs an expensive repair

There are certain types of repairs that will render your car scrap immediately. They don’t have to a list of laundry of repairs, but it can just be one which will require a lot of time and money. For example, if you have a blown head gasket, a shot transmission or a cracked engine block, now these are not peanut type repairs and they may as well tell you that it is time to scrap the vehicle. Many cars for cash companies will be willing to buy in Perth

When the car is written off after an accident

Not everyone fancies the idea of having to repair the whole car following an accident of a major collision. Mostly, the insurance will issue salvage titles but the owners will prefer to sell them than make any attempts at repairing them. If you have such a car, you should also not waste your time with many repairs since you may end up spending a lot of money and never manage to get the car back in good condition. Simply agree to sell.

The age of the car

Finally, the age of the car is sufficient to render it scrap. Of course there are certain classics which will be old, but still in a good condition. But for those who have old cars with high mileages, getting buyers using the normal approaches is never a walk in the park and the best thing would be to simply sell the car to cars for cash companies. For all your cash for car needs, contact "Premier Car Removal" at 0406 996 661 for great rates on your scrap cars. We accept all vehicles in all conditions.

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