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Cash for Cars Perth is a reputable Car Removals provides Scrap car removal, Truck, 4WDs removals and Wrecking services to Perth vehicle users. We offer on the spot cash up to $12000 with same day car removal service for cars, vans, buses, trucks, Uts, SUVs and all other commercial vehicles even if it is Smashed/ Damaged / Junk / Old / Broken / Scrap / Wrecked.

Differences Between Car Removalist And Scrap Car Companies In Perth

Many are the times when people have confused a Car Removal Company in Perth for a Scrap Metal Company. The two are completely different in terms of their focus as well as operations. It is important for everyone to know the differences between the two so that you can know which to approach and when.

Here are some of the fundamental differences to help you tell them apart:

Focus of operations

Car removal companies focus on cars and cars alone whereas scrap metal company deals with everything metal, including but not limited to cars, machinery and metallic structures amongst others. A car removal company will be interested in any type of car, whether working or not, but they will never ask you about machinery or anything of the sort.

For scrap metal companies, the value is on the weight

Scrap metal companies will pay you for your car based on the weight of the vehicle. This is unlike a car removal company that will consider the weight in addition to other factors when making you a price offer. For instance, they will ask you about the make, model, year of manufacture, and adjustments amongst other things so that they do an actual valuation on the car.

Scrap metal companies charge towing fees

For scrap metal companies, you either deliver your car to their yards, or if they come for it, you pay them for the towing. This is not the case with any car removal company in Perth. All car removals are always free of charge and you will never be asked to deliver the car to their junk yards, unless in your own wisdom, you see it fit to do so. No matter your location in Perth, they will come for the car and tow it away for free.

Scrap metal companies are not end users in Perth

Scrap metal companies will buy your car with the aim of selling it for profits to another dealer, usually recyclers or smelters. They are thus not the end users. Car removal companies on the other hand are the end user of the cars they buy. They will do amongst other things dismantle the car and sell it for parts, recycle the various components and dispose parts such as battery and fluids safely. In most cases, they never end up selling the car in the same state they got if from you as the scrap metal companies usually do.

Contact Cash For Cars Perth at 0403 417 465 for reliable car removal services in Perth. We give you top dollars and all the conveniences you need for a happy car removal.

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